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2 Input Audio Mixer

The tegeler audio tsm tube summing mixer is a innovative audio mixer that allows for balanced inputilitating high quality audio signals. The mixer has 16 input terminals that allow for easy input of custom audio signals. The tsm tube summing mixer is easy to use and can mix multiple audio signals together to create unique and complex audio signals. The mixer also has a balanced input that ensures smooth, accurate audio signals.

2 Input Audio Mixer Walmart

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Cheap 2 Input Audio Mixer

This mixer features the vintage studiomaster diamond club 8-2 8 channel inputoutput analog audio mixer. This mixer is perfect for using with 8-2 inch audio monitors. The mixer has been designed with a non-directional wire for easy moving the mix between left and right channels. The mixer also has a standard 8-2 inch input jack and is made from plastic for stability. the xenyx usb audio mixer effect processor is perfect for applied audio and video processing. It consists of two input jacks, a upstream jack for an audio source and a downstream jack for an audio output, so you can mix on the go! Your audio sources. The mixer also includes behringer's own riverbed design that offers time-based management of sound loudness and volume. this pro 4 channel audio mixer is a great tool for sound mixings and sound consoles. It has two inputs, c9q2 and c9m, so you can easily connect it to a computer and a bluetooth device. The mixer has a 48v input so you can easily mix soundourcedata in a production environment. the behringer rx1202fx is a eurorack pro rackmount 12-input mixer that comes with an ability to mix 3 extinction-doubled sounds with one input. This board is perfect for vintage and professional audio applications.