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Vintage Audio Mixer

This vintage audio mixer is perfect forengering music sellers and buyers who need to make music mixes or just hear the sound of music. This mixer has a demodulator for below $100 prices, and is still in great condition with all the upgraded features included.

Pro Audio Mixers

If you're looking to create a professional audio mix, then you need to check out the right tools for the job. the first tool you should consider is the mix card. A mix card is a tool that helps you create and control your audio tracks. another tool you should consider is the console. A console is a type of mix card that helps you control and manage your audio tracks. finally, you should consider the software needed to manage your audio tracks. These tools help you control and manage your audio tracks in a professional way.

Vintage Audio Mixers

The mcmartin accu-five is a control unit deck that offers a little bit of everything for audio players. Fromforms to, it can mix and match audio input sources to create different sound experiences. Theaccu-five cardinez are made of durable plastic and have a red & green backlight for easy on-boarding. The cardinez include an microphone input, speaker output, and sound card input. The cardinez also include two eq/fader controls, a headphone jack, and a 3-position playlist control. The mix control has a 9-band eq/fader control, 4-position playlist control, and 9-band eq/fader control, and can be turned off or on independently from the audio card. the yamaha mr1642 is a 16-channel mixer that comes with a vintage look and feel. It has a sleek design that is perfect for a business or home setting. This mixer has a wav out and lr out, so you can easily connect to your computer or sound system. It also has a usb out that makes it easy to transfer files to and from your computer. the vintage kustom mx30 radio station broadcast system is a state-of-the-art audio mixer that features multi-channel audio for tracking, outboard processing and more. This device is perfect for tracking live sound or recording large scale events. The mx30 is also easy to set up with its intuitive interface and pre-amplifier/ cardioid microphone input. The radio system can handle up to 30 radio transmissions at once, which makes it the perfect system for live radio programming or for tracking sound throughout a large event. the vintage radio shack ssm-1200 professional stereo audio mixer with equalizer is a great choice for those who want a powerful and versatile audio mixer. Its equalizer canfx option lets you apply custom equalization to your audio files, while its personalization features let you set up individual audio sounds with up to 16 chorus, over 15 beiruts, and 20 vacuumed-upicksonongs.